Staff & Governors




Liz Nolan – Head Teacher & SENCO

Serena Calvani – Deputy Head

Leon Rossouw – Assistant Head

Jenny Harris – Senior Support Assistant

Agnes Anderson- Senior Support Assistant

Karen Gray – Business Manager


our governors


Our Governors are:

Mrs Gillian Samerai (Chair)

Mr Ben Kirby (Local Authority)

Miss Elizabeth Nolan (Head Teacher)

Mrs Ruth Aisha Smaoui (Parent)

Ms Barbara Fairclough (Parent)

Mr Edward James (Co-Opted)

Mrs Pippa Wainwright (Co-Opted)

Ms Maria Blanchard-Rowe (Co-Opted)

Ms Linda Coplestone (Co-Opted)

Mrs Karen Gray (Associate Member)

Ms Barbara Hulus (Co-Opted)




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Ettie Ojobo- Office Administration Manager

Coral Dacres – Administration Officer




Reception (Red Class)-Simone Lewis

Year 1 (Orange Class)- Oana Oltean

Year 2 (Yellow Class)- Rhiannon Jones

Year 3 (Green Class)- Camelia Horvat

Year 3 (Blue Class)- Courtney Lobban

Year 4 (Indigo Class)- Chris Chapman

Year 5 (Violet Class)- Vacancy

Year 5 (Pink Class)- Dan Glover

Year 5 (Purple Class)- James Rowley

Year 6 (Silver Class)- Sharon Ferris

Mixed (Rainbow Class)- Iwona Dragan