Welcome to our Communication page where you will find lots of information about the work that our Speech and Language Therapists do at School.


Meet our Speech and Language Therapists:


Meet Meera:

Meera provides services to mainstream  primary schools that are both adaptive and target driven.  She also specialises in special needs such as brain injury, cerebal palsy and autism using a holistic approach to focus on total communication. Meera is organised and emphasises the impact and importance of successful and meaningful communication. Her enthusiastic personality shines through her therapy, keeping clients motivated and engaged. Meera is also the Elklan training Lead for Unlocking Language.
Languages Spoken: Hindi, Gujarati, Swahili

Meera will be in Haymerle school every Thursday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.


Meet Sarah:


I’m Sarah, one of the Speech and Language Therapists at Haymerle School.

I will be working closely with the Students,  Teachers, LSA’s and other professionals to improve speech, language and communication development.

Previously I have worked with young children and young adults living with Autism, hearing impairment, social communication difficulties, intellectual disability and challenging behaviour.

I focus on increasing participation and engagement by improving functional language.
I also have experience using high and low tech AAC such as PECS, Makaton signing, British Sign Language and voice output apps such as ProLoQuo To Go and LAMP.”







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Sign of the Week: Pancake


You can keep up to date with The Sign Of The Week  by visiting the Makaton website here where you will be able to view videos of the signs. Watch the latest video below:







For previous signs please click on this symbol:



There are also lots of free downloads on the Makaton website. Please click here to access some really useful free resources.

More Makaton signs with Mr. Tumble to practice at home:

Please download the list of core vocabulary words here: Core Vocabulary Wordlist

At Haymerle School we use PECS amongst other forms of communication. The primary goal of PECS is to teach functional communication using a picture based communication system.

For more information on PECS, please visit the PECS website by clicking here. 



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