School Garden
At Haymerle School we love spending time in the garden and learning about the different plants. We enjoy planting, weeding and watering activities.
The pupils have all been enjoying getting lots of fresh air and learning all about plants in the garden. During the cold winter pupils have helped move soil, take out weeds and used them to start a compost system and have been observing the changes weather has on trees and plants.
As we have come into spring the Garden has been filled with even more muddy activity. There are plenty of seeds to be sown and already pupils have planted radish, cabbage, lettuce, artichoke, peas and beans. This term we will also be building shelters and feeders for insects, birds and butterflies to attract lots of creatures to turn the garden into a vibrant ecosystem. Over the summer we will be helping to nurture the plants so that by Autumn we will have some tasty ‘homegrown’ vegetables to try!
We recently sent 3 Staff members on a course on how to use the School Garden more effectively in order to create learning opportunities.
If you would like to volunteer or to learn more about the Garden Project please contact the School. We are always looking for new volunteers to help us maintain the garden.
Some of our Parents hard at work in the Garden:


Some of our pupils enjoying the garden: