Purple Class (Year 6)

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We are working in Year B this Year.


Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Purple Class

Teacher: James Rowley



Hello and welcome to Purple Class!

There are seven pupils and four adults in Purple Class.
James Rowley – Class Teacher.
Colin – Teaching assistant
Gloria – Teaching assistant
Geomilla – Teaching assistant

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Summer Term 2019


Previous Terms

Spring 2019

We are learning all about plants this term, with the new topic being ‘Green Fingers’, which has a science focus. The children have been creating some amazing pieces of art, using different items from the Haymerle garden, experimenting with how leaves and roots can be used to create different prints and textures of paint.
We have been looking at the different parts of a plant and how they function. The children enjoyed learning about how seeds are dispersed; they made their own ‘helicopter seeds’ and tested them out in the playground to see how effectively they travelled. We have also been dissecting; the class cut up some fruits and vegetables and examined the seeds, using magnifying glasses and a microscope. We have got more experiments lined up; we will be growing some plants in the classroom and also looking at how water travels through a plant.
In literacy, we are reading a Quentin Blake book; ‘The Green Ship’. The story is about an overgrown garden and looks at how plants change over time, which links in perfectly with our topic work.
We are learning about measurement in numeracy. The class have started using rulers to take accurate measurements of different objects and to start drawing lines of specific lengths. This skill will also be incorporated into our science lessons when we start measuring some of the plants that we have been growing.
We have an exciting opportunity to attend a Southwark Junior Citizenship event in February. Haymerle have been to this in the past and it has always been an enjoyable and productive experience for the pupils.
This term, we will be linking our food technology lessons in with the gardening theme; we will see how many different fruits and vegetables we can incorporate into our cooking over the course of the term.




Autumn Term 2018

We have worked hard on our Literacy and Numeracy targets and good progress has been made. We have just started a new book in literacy: Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara. It is available to look at online so reading it at home with your child will help their progression in school. It is based around winter so we will be doing some winter-based art work that links in with the story as the weather gets colder.
Our Topic subject this term is Anglo Saxons and Vikings. We have been finding out about what life was like in these times, and have already completed lots of exciting Art and Design Technology projects around this subject. We have made Viking boats, Anglo Saxon shields and Viking jewelry. We are currently working on creating some Viking helmets.
The highlight of the week is often swimming; the class all love being in the water and everyone always enjoys the experience. We also take part in different therapies such as Rebound, Music and Yoga. It has been great to see the whole class taking part in Yoga this term. We are also hoping to take part in Animal Therapy sessions soon. We have been on class trips to Asda and the park so far this term and will be visiting a local library next term.
We have been spending some time in the garden each week, learning how to use and share different pieces of equipment, follow instructions and take turns. This links in with healthy eating and Food Technology. The class choose a different dish to cook each week and everyone is encouraged to take part in the preparing and eating of whatever we make. ​
For more information about what we are doing in class, please take a look at the curriculum map below.