Pink Class (Year 5)

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We are working in Year B this Year.

Dear Parents/Carers

Hello and welcome to Pink Class!

We are 7 pupils along with 4 adults.
Teacher: Dan Glover

Summer Term 2019


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Spring Term 2019




Autumn Term 2018

We are well into our first term now and enjoying getting to know each other and how we all can work together. So far we have worked on our Literacy and Numeracy targets, and started our Topic work (see overview). We have been swimming which has been a new experience for some and taking some getting used to, but definitely something we enjoy. Some of us are using different therapies to help us with our day such as Rebound therapy, music therapy and an Animal Therapy group where we get to make friends with some furry and some scaley animals! We have been enjoying our Attention Autism sessions each morning and are learning how to sit and observe rather than always wanting to join in with things. We welcome questions, comments and suggestions so please feel free to contact Dan or any of the class team if you would like any further information or to talk about anything, through the school office.



Autumn Term Photos