Green Class (Year 3)


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 We are working in Year B this Year.


Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Green Class.

Teacher: Camelia Horvat

Summer Term 2019





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Autumn Term 2018

The students in Green class have been working hard during the autumn term. Some of the children enjoyed tracing, others are writing CVC words. We are also working on improving sequencing and speaking and listening skills.
In numeracy we are learning simple subtraction and addition, number bonds to 10, making the quantity to the number. We also work on learning colours, patterns and size key vocabulary ‘short’, ‘tall’, ‘big’, ‘small’ etc. Green class has been enjoying working on improving money skills. We go shopping to the local supermarket and we help buying items we need for food group activities.
This term’s topic is ‘It’s all Greek to me!’. The students had good fun looking at the ancient Greek history and learning about traditional items, music, food, clothes. The children had the opportunity to be creative in arts, to use tools and materials- they made the colosseum columns, traditional Greek pots from clay, made Greek salad. In music we have explored traditional music and dance, and we joined in playing and copying a simple rhythm. In science have participated experiments e.g. sinking and floating, also we have tried the STEM experiment and it was good fun, or making fireworks in milk. We have enjoyed using different ICT tools to write, play games in groups, read stories.
We have enjoyed participating in the attention autism sessions. Bucket time is an excellent moment for us to stay focused and make spontaneous vocalizations/comments, in stage 2 we learn to increase shared attention and we just love to cooperate when participate in games- stage 3, and discover new activities in stage 4.
See below a few pictures showing what we have been up to this term.