Art At Haymerle


Art at Haymerle!

Through the use of Art, we aim to engage our pupils creatively.  The use of Art aims to build up self-esteem and confidence to promote self-expression. Children are encouraged to explore and express themselves using a variety of art materials. We encourage concentration, sensory play, social and emotional functioning, relaxation, communication, speech, sensory interaction and most importantly- fun!

Look what we have done:

Twilight Polar Bears  

Using watercolours, bear stencils, cling film and magic salt the pupils created beautiful Icy polar bear pictures.

Winter Landscape Workshop

Through this sensory activity we created festive winter scene using shaving foam and resist crayons!

Kandinsky Cut out Collage 

Inspired by the shapes and colours of Kandinsky, the pupils each created their own individual collage!



Exploring Fruit and Vegetables

We explored a variety of fruit and vegetables using lots of different methods and materials. We looked at texture, shape and colour.



What can we find in the garden? Print workshop 

We learned about the animals and plants we can find in the garden, and how tiny seed’s grow into plants. We made these prints using roller’s paint and foam.

Art in the Garden 

We are helping to make the garden colourful and bright by creating fun spring inspired murals.

Hand Art 

Each pupil individually decorated a cut out of their hand. We then put them together to create the tail feathers of the colourful Haymerle Peacock!

Spring Time Collaboration

Looking and responding to spring imagery. The pupils worked together to create this large scale spring artwork. Each pupil chose their own materials brought their own style to the work.



Picasso’s Flowers 

We responded to the famous drawing ‘Bouquet of Peace’ by Picasso and created our own versions. We used our hands, crayons and paints!

Flower Power

The pupils explored and identified the names, colours and shapes of flowers.We looked at images and photographs then created drawings and prints. They looked at the patterns found on leaves and created their own using PVA oil pastels and paint.


Willow Sculpture Workshop


We Are Super Heros….

The Pupils created their own skyline by cutting out shapes emulating the London Skyline. This was a great exercise for counting and learning about shape. They made individual felt masks choosing shapes and colours.

Finally the pupils became their super hero characters. They created names and acted out different superhero poses and actions in front of the backdrop.


Willow Sculpture Project

A selection of students from Haymerle collaborated with mainstream school John Donne School to participate in a Willow Sculpture Workshop led by Artist Sheridan. The project went on over the duration of six weeks where the students went through the different process’s such as drawing, modelling, putting up the structure and decorating the structure. The end result were four sculptures based around the poem “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” and “Over the Medow”. The pupils drew their ideas of structure and animals and then we transferred these into life.

The pupils engaged with organic materials and learnt about shape learned practyical skills and used fine motor skills

As well as learning new creative skills the pupils built on their confidence, shared ideas and made new friends. Team work was an essential part of this process and Pupils Came away with a great sense of achievement!

Out Door Silhouette Mural

We are working on an mural representing emotions and actions. The children primed the fence and helped to draw up each design. They then chose and matched colours!